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At the office of Dr. Peter Cornell and Dr. Stuart Stoll, you will find the most sophisticated optical shop offering expertise in eyeglasses, contact lens fitting and a great selection of frames.


Our optical shop is staffed with highly trained opticians and contact lens specialists that can handle the most challenging prescriptions and provide a variety of solutions to cover all your prescription needs. Whether you require an ultra-light, impact resistant, high index lens or if you are experiencing difficulty with glare or scratches, we will combine fashionable eyewear with the most up-to-date lens designs and technology. We offer custom occupational glasses, sports and safety goggles, and even bifocal diving masks with a refractive index adjustment for under water viewing.  Whatever the challenge, we can design a solution.


We are committed to providing the highest quality, excellent service and professionalism rather than simply putting our patients into “1 hour glasses.”  Our focus is on quality with value and we offer high definition glasses, digital lenses, and the latest generation of progressives that offer “no swim” and “stability in motion” with expansive vision and never before experienced“edge to edge clarity”.We use antireflective coatings that will not peel and can provide protection against glare, smudges and scratches.Knowing that long-term exposure to ultraviolet (U.V.) radiation from sunlight is linked to eye diseases such as cataracts, age related macular degenerationand pterygium, you can be certain that all of our sunglasses and U.V. coatings have the protection you need.


As a medical office we understand that a prescription may occasionally need to be rechecked and adjusted. We stand behind our prescription and eyeglass orders 100% and will make any necessary adjustments to meet our patients’ needs. We will also keep your quality eyeglasses clean and properly fitted for as long as you own them.  All you need to do is stop by our shop, for adjustments and cleaning.


New Glasses Technology


i.Profiler plus®


Every eye is as unique as a human fingerprint. With i.Profiler plus® by ZEISS more than 2,500 reference points within your eye are examined to produce an extremely detailed vision profile. Unlike traditional exams, varying light conditions are also taken into account to provide customized vision—both day and night. This comprehensive information is used to create a refined prescription or i.Scription by ZEISS, that perfectly matches your unique vision profile. The resulting eyeglass lenses are produced to an accuracy far higher than seen in traditional eyeglass lenses and are personalized especially for your unique vision needs.  To learn more, please click here


Our EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION of frames and sunglasses include:


David Yurman, Tiffany, Lindberg, Zero g, Tory Burch, Oliver Peoples, Sama, Cazal, Dolce & Gabbana,Caviar, Dior, Hugo Boss, Versace, Bulgary, Prada, Gucci, Carrera, Michael Kors, Silhouette, Tommy Bahama, Seiko, Ray-Ban, Joseph Abboud, Sophia Loren, Catherine Denuve, Ralph Lauren. In addition, we will always try to accommodate special requests.


Optic Store OpticShop





Contact lenses offer freedom from eyeglasses while providing superior peripheral vision.  If you have an active lifestyle or are simply tired of glasses, let us show you how easy contacts can be. They may even be the next step toward LASIK surgery for even greater visual freedom.


At the office of Dr. Peter Cornell and Dr. Stuart Stoll our goal is to make sure your contacts meet your visual demands while providing comfort and maintaining excellent eye health.Since each lens design has unique characteristics, our team of contact lens specialists can carefully evaluateyour individual needs and lifestyle to find the lens that is right for you.


If you have a conditionsuch as keratoconus or other causes of irregular astigmatismthat may prevent you from having good visual acuity with prescription eyeglasses, we will work patiently with you to find the best contact lens option to maximize your vision potential.


Because contact lenses can be associated with potential problems like eye infections or scarring, you should always be carefully evaluated for the proper fit and type of lens that is appropriate for your eye. Our first priority is the health of your eye and we will design a contact lens program that will provide years of clarity and comfort while reinforcing good hygiene and safety.


Ordering Contact Lenses through our office may provide many benefits that are usually better than available online or through other providers.  These benefits include great next day servicefor most of our lenses, convenient free shipping when you order your year supply, competitive prices, and great rebates from insurancecompanies, which in most cases, are only available to private practices.




  • Contact lenses for presbyopia to reduce dependence on reading glasses through MONOVISION or MULTIFOCAL designs.
  • Contact lenses for Irregular Astigmatism (including Keratoconus and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration) such asRigid GasPermeable (RGP’s), Piggyback lenses, and even the latest generationSoft lenses.
  • Reverse geometry contact lenses for irregular post-refractive surgical outcomes.
  • Cosmetic contact lenses.


OPTICAL SHOP HOURS – including Saturday!

Monday – Thursday   8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday    8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday     9:00 am – 1:00 pm


For your convenience we are open during lunch hours. The last Saturday of each month we have scheduled appointments available for eye exams with one of our optometrists.




For any inquires please contact us at (310) 275-1940 or


INSURANCE: Yes, some Insurance and Vision Plans, including VSP, are accepted at our office.