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  • Our Practice is proud to welcome the i.Profiler plus® and i.Scription by ZEISS as the newest computerized technology at our Office. It is a revolutionary new technology that determines the unique requirements of your eyes with far greater precision than standard methods, resulting in eyeglasses lenses more attuned to your vision needs than any other lenses available today.

    Want better night/low-light vision, better color vision and better visual contrast? Then please click here to learn more.
  • Our Surgery Center, Specialty Surgical Center, is one of the few Surgery Centers to have available two Femtosecond Lasers to assist with Cataract Surgery. In addition to the LenSX ® laser that we have been using since 2011, we are happy to announce that we also now have the newest CATALYS® OptiMedica Laser. This new laser provides exceptional accuracy and precision to cataract surgery.

    To learn more about the new CATALYS® OptiMedica Laser, please click on the link below: Click Here
  • We are very excited to say we are one of the first practices to be using the Toric Crystalens – Trulign™ Toric. This new lens merges the Toric and Crystalens technologies to provide the benefits of astigmatism correction to patients who also wish to reduce their dependence on intermediate and reading glasses.

about our doctors

Dr. Peter J. Cornell

Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology,
LASIK surgeon Peter Cornell, has served the Los
Angeles area, national, and international patients.

Dr.Sturat Stoll ImageDr. Stuart B. Stoll

Dr. Stuart Stoll has had a life-long interest in Oph-
thalmology. He was first exposed to the science
and laser technology in ninth grade through a 
family friend.


IT WAS PERFECT! "Three simple words that would sum up the outcome of a remarkable experience. From the moment I was prepped for cataract surgery in November, from the time I was measured and examined by your wonderful staff..."

Vin Scully.

"My results are one for the books. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes! Dr. Cornell never imagined that he would get anywhere close to that type of correction, but, he did. My quality of life has changed in so many ways..."

Randi M.

"I am a patient of Dr. Cornell’s since the 1990s. From the beginning, I have been extraordinarily impressed with the efficiency, excellence and high standard of care patients receive from Drs. Cornell and Stoll and their staff..."

Ann V.

Did you know?

  • When your eyes are watering, it may be a symptom of dry eyes. Your eyes are producing more moisture to compensate.
  • A dragonfly has 30,000 lenses in its eyes, assisting them with motion detection and protecting it from predators.

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